National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India


NARCHI Branch Activities

engages in various domains, primarily focusing on:

  • Reproductive and Child Health Care
  • Infant Immunisation
  • Contraception and Voluntary Surgical Contraception

This non-profit organisation is dedicated to charitable, scientific, medical research, and educational pursuits. Its operational model ensures that no profits are distributed to any members, aligning purely with its altruistic objectives.

NARCHI is also fervently involved in augmenting and supporting both governmental and private efforts in these key areas. The organization accomplishes its goals through the following methods:

  • Making RCH care, Infant immunisation, and Contraception including VSC accessible via Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics, and other channels.
  • Providing specialised training in these areas to physicians and paramedics through its academic wing, Dr. C S Dawn Indian College of Maternal and Child Health.
  • Initiating, endorsing, and funding research in the aforementioned fields.
  • Organising and participating in National and International conferences.

These activities are integral to NARCHI‘s mission as the organisation continues to make significant strides in improving healthcare outcomes.

Explore NARCHI’s local chapters in India and download resources to learn more about their impactful initiatives.
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