National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India



NARCHI works in the following areas.

    1. Reproductive and Child Health Care
    2. Infant Immunization
    3. Contraception and Voluntary surgical contraception

It is a non-profitable organization working exclusively for charitable, scientific and medical research and educational purposes, in such a manner that no part of any profits accrues to any member ever.
It is also actively engaged in promoting and supporting Governmental and private efforts in the above areas.
It achieves its objectives by:

  1. Making RCH care, Infant immunization, Contraception including VSC available to all through Physicians, Hospitals, Clinics or other means.
  2. Providing training in these area to physicians, and paramedics through its academic wing

Dr. C S Dawn Indian College of Maternal and Child Health.

  1. Conducting, promoting and funding research in above areas.
  2. Conducting National and International conferences.
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