National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India


Mission: Safeguarding Maternal Health

At the heart of NARCHI’s mission is the commitment to prevent maternal mortality. Through comprehensive training programs tailored for medical graduates, NARCHI endeavours to equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver effective maternal healthcare services.

Vision: Empowering Healthcare Providers

NARCHI envisions a future where every MBBS doctor is equipped to save lives through comprehensive education and training. By prioritising the dissemination of reproductive and child health knowledge, NARCHI aims to empower healthcare providers to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

Goal: Population Stabilisation through RCH Care

With a bold ambition to stabilise India’s population within the next two decades, NARCHI advocates for one to two-child families through the promotion of comprehensive reproductive and child health (RCH) care. By emphasising the importance of family planning and contraceptive services and following the DAWN Rule of Ten Calendar Education Program, NARCHI aims to achieve sustainable population growth in India.

Educational and Service Initiatives

NARCHI spearheads a range of educational programs (through its academic wing ICMCH) and service initiatives aimed at standardising RCH practices and improving service quality. Through training programs, seminars, and conferences, NARCHI facilitates the training of medical professionals, nurses, and medical students, ensuring the widespread adoption of best practices in reproductive and child healthcare.

NARCHI offers the Three DAWN Rule of Ten Calendar in various Indian languages, which includes:

  • Rule of Ten Calendar for a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Rule of Ten Calendar for Adolescents
  • Rule of Ten Calendar for Mass RCH

Service Programmes Operated by NARCHI-ICMCH

We work to standardise RCH practices, infant immunisation, and contraception care for medical professionals, train nurses, and educate medical graduates. This is achieved through training, seminars, and conferences, ultimately improving service quality. Our ICMCH training centres regularly promote the usage of Rule of Ten Calendar, especially in rural camp programs and study centres.

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