National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India


The Organisation

NARCHI is a registered professional People’s Voluntary Organisation (Registration No. S/15777 of 1974- 75 in West Bengal Act. XXVI of 1961) founded in 1975 with 30 branches all over India.


No mother should die during childbirth. Our Mission is to impart training to medical graduates who in turn will be well equipped to provide healthcare services by primary and preventive care.


Helping save lives by training MBBS doctors.

Our Goal

Stabilisation of Indian Population within next two decades through one- two child family by RCH care.

Educational and Service Programme

Three DAWN Rule of Ten Calendar Education Programme in Indian languages –

  • Rule of Ten Calendar for Healthy lifestyle,
  • Rule of Ten Calendar for Adolescent,
  • Rule of Ten Calendar for Mass RCH.

Service Programme Run By NARCHI-ICMCH

Standardise practice on RCH-infant immunisation Contraception Care to Medical Profession, training nurses and Medical students. This is done through training,  organising seminars and conferences. This improves the quality of services. Regular Rule of Ten rural camp programme provided by urban ICMCH training centres.

Programmes Run By NARCHI

  • Reproductive & Child Health Care (RCH)
  • Infant immunisation
  • Contraception care and Voluntary surgical contraception
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