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To Open a Dr. C.S. Dawn ICMCH Training Centre


  1. Well-equipped Obs – Gyn hospital/nursing home with a minimum of 30 beds, 500 annual deliveries, 300 MTPs, and adequate Obs, Gynae, Family planning work for one Dip. G.O. trainee. Well-equipped Pediatric Hospital/Nursing Home with a minimum of 25 pediatric beds, proper NICU & PICU, and adequate OPD work as well as inward admission. For resident trainee duty room with toilet is mandatory.
  1. For Obs – Gyn/Pediatric courses, please send the filled-up application form downloaded from our website ( along with adequate photos/CD to HQ. The hospital will be inspected by a deputed Inspector.

  2. The Training Centre is expected to have adequate workload to permit trainees to practice hands-on with free or low-cost patients. For Obs/Gyn centres, the minimum deliveries should be 500 annually. There should be D&Cs, MTPs, Mini-lap, Tubectomy, and Laparotomies of reasonable numbers. A fair number of cases should be conducted by the candidates personally under the supervision of Fellow Guides.

  3. The Training Centre must have two fellow guides per candidate. With a single fellow guide, there must be two or more fellows who will act as co-guides. FG/fellows in a training centre must follow Dr. C.S. Dawn’s Religion of Humanism discipline (wearing white coat), honesty, sacrifice, nationalism (educating people to have 1–2 child families), friendship to all including patients, and service to life including trees.

Download Forms

  1. Application form for Obs-Gyn Study Centre
  2. Application form for Pediatric Study Centre
  3. Directives for course
  4. Directives for Dip.GO Course
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