National Association for Reproductive and Child Health of India



Academic Wing Of NARCHI

Indian College of Maternal & Child health (ICMCH) was established in 1990 at Cuttack during NARCHI conference as an academic wing of NARCHI to provide adequate practical training to fresh graduates who do not get access to very limited post graduate degree and diploma courses. 

The following founder members were present in Cuttack and they are the visionary in establishing the ICMCH;  they were Dr C S Dawn, Dr R V Bhatt, Dr M N Parekh, Dr S N Mukherjee, Dr U K Nanda, Dr M Srivastava, Dr M Rohatgi, Dr R Authilingom, Dr Padma Rao, Dr A Mishra, Dr S K Mukherjee, Dr Mahanti and Dr Pattanayak.

It provides Postgraduate medical training to MBBS medical graduates.

Its primary aim is to promote and provide standardised education, training and research in Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Child Health, Neonatal Health, Infant Immunisation, Contraception and demographic population study and control.

The above is achieved through over 200 well equipped Hospitals and Nursing homes spread throughout the country and affiliated to ICMCH.

Training is provided through experienced ex-professors of noted Medical Colleges.

This training imparts a strong sense of confidence and they are capable of managing various difficult clinical situations in their practice.

Today ICMCH provides national level training for MBBS graduates for Obstetrics, Gynaecology, Child Health and Ultrasound.

The course and examinations are supervised by current and ex professors of several medical colleges of India. About 2000 MBBS graduates have already benefited during the last twenty years who are well settled in their profession.

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