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Dr CS Dawn Rule of Ten for Pregnant Mothers
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14th World Congress & 22nd Indian Conference of NARCHI


 Dr CS Dawn’s Rule of Ten for Pregnant Mothers


DR_dawn Dr CS Dawn’s Rule of Ten for Pregnant Mothers
Mother (Reproductive) & Child Health (RCH)
Care Calendar to Grow 10 kg Mother' s Weight & 3 kg Baby

Dr. C. S. DAWN
MD, Ph. D., FRCOG (LONDON), FICMCH Honorable Founder, NARCHI - ICMCH

  • Ten Times Pregnancy Checkups for High Risk Pregnancy and minimum 5 Checkups for normal pregnancy by trained Health Personnel starting at 10th week. Pregnancy termination (MTP) by10th week for unplanned pregnancy. High Risk Pregnancy is referred to obstetric specialist.

  • Ten kg. Mother’s weight gain during pregnancy by taking adequate Chapati , Rice, Dal, Vegetable , Fruits, Milk and boiled water (to prevent jaundice) to get 3kg . Baby. Husband becomes a partner of wife’s RCH care.

  • Ten hours Rest and sleep (2 hours afternoon rest, 8 hours sleep at night) to grow the baby.

  • Ten Gram percent Blood Haemoglobin is tested raised to 11 gm by taking one iron folic acid capsule like Autrin a day by mouth from 5th month of pregnancy and also during first 3 months of breast feeding. Other Lab. Tests done are blood ABO Rh group, post meal blood glucose, urine analysis.

  • By Ten months, inj. Tetanus Vaccine - first dose on 18th week, Second dose 24th week of pregnancy. NON IMMUNIZED husband is also simultaneously given 2 doses of inj. Tec. Vac. with wife .Couple may die of AIDS by doing sex with other woman and man thus such sex is prohibited.

  • Ten –Twelve Hours normal labour management in first pregnancy, 5-6 hours in second pregnancy on keeping DAWN partography chart by trained birth attendant in clean delivery room. High Risk labour cases are referred to obstetric specialist.

  • Ten Apgar Score baby (crying baby) is delivered in warm room .High Risk baby is referred to Paediatrician.

  • By Ten Weeks, Contraceptive to handover - Cu-device or oral pill or inj. depoprovera (by woman) or Condom (by husband) for 4 years delay in second child birth. On these spacing methods go for one – two child family. Tubectomy or vasectomy is done following second child birth.

  • Ten Months breast feeding with solid food from 4th month to baby.

  • By Ten months, Infant Immunization is completed- inj. BCG by 1st month. Oral polio on 2nd, 3rd, 4th month, along with inj. Triple antigen 3 doses (2nd ,3rd, 4th month) and inj. Measles on 10th month. Infant can have pulse polio within 5years.